This showreel will be updated as I finish new projects to replace old ones. The music was composed by myself.

"Nonesistent" games (2020)


These animations are portfolio pieces to show that I can create a variety of different styles.

Elphame maps (2020)

Elphame maps.png

Maps for the upcoming game Elphame. Unlike the ones seen in the demo, these have been reworked to make a clear visible path for the player to travel through. Impassable areas are marked not only by darker ground, but also by various clutter implied to be blocking the way.

Elphame beasties from reference (2020)

Boobrie Idle-export.gif

These enemies from Elphame have been designed by Michael, an artist working on team Disco Reptile. I then took his designs and animated them with idle, attack and death animations.

Elphame original beasties (2020)


While a some great designs came from external help, most of the sprites featured in Elphame are from my own designs. In October, a "beastie" design is being created each day and published to Patreon.

32x32 pixel art from reference (2020)


These fan art pieces are all animated with a resolution of 32x32, and refer to existing IP's, simply as practice for me as an artist as well as promotion for the Disco Reptile social media pages. One of these was created each day with the process being streamed live on Twitch.

64x64 "Trace-to-animation" (2020)

All BLM Cards.gif

This year I opened up commissions for the weekend to raise money for charity, and thanks to a viral post on the Yu-Gi-Oh subreddit, many people requesting an animated version of their favourite card drove me over six times my intended goal.

16x16 three-frame animations (2020)


At the start of the year I tried to get something out each day to try and promote the disco reptile social medias. For four of these days, I made compilations of 9 charaters from different IP's and would either post them somewhere the fandom could see them, or in some cases to the authors of the IP's.

Misc. commissions (2019)

Rose DieHardBig.gif

Until I suspended commissions to develop Elphame full-time, I made a living from making and streaming them. What people wanted varied day-by-day, and it was an exciting lifestyle.

Hypochondrinomicon (2019)


My first major project in pixel art, this animation had some snippets of an idea for a game, which is now slowly becoming the game Elphame, seen above. It features music by FearOfDark, which was used with permission.