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Q: What is "Smile More"?
A: A brand new game I've been working on since the start of September!

Q: What's it about?
A: It's a rhythm game with some inspiration from Rhythm Paradise, but with a whole story told in parts by each rhythm minigame. Basically, a short musical... that you can "fail" at.

Q: How long will it be?
A: I imagine that if you nail every level perfectly each time and don't touch any of the extras I plan to add, you'll probably be done with the game in less than an hour. I'll price the game accordingly.

Q: When will it be done?
A: I'm not sure. The goal was to create something in a lot smaller scale than my previous project, so hopefully soon.

Q: How much more is done than what was seen in the trailer?
A: In-Game sprites for the main characters, as well as the first level's animatic. The whole story is planned from start to finish, and I'm going to really try and limit myself from the "What if I added this...?" way of thinking.

Q: What happened to your previous project?
A: Elphame is far too large a scope of game for me to work on alone for an unknown amount of time in my current state of mental wellbeing. It's on the shelf indefinitely, and at least until I finish another game first. I can still recommend the free demo, however, which has a lot of content in it!

Q: How can I follow the progress?
A: Your best bet is on my Twitch, where I try to stream regularly and try my best to interact with chat and answer questions.

Q: What's the meaning behind the title?
A: I promise it's not as toxically positive as the name makes it out to be. Don't worry.

I think that about covers it for now. Keep an eye on my social medias to get updates.

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