Thanks for dropping by! I'm currently taking commissions full-time for the foreseeable future. Unless a client states otherwise I'll stream the process on I'm taking payments via 


Please contact me at to confirm your commission!!


Commission categories:

A: 16x16 - Budget option for very small characters, or a simple face. 3-frame animation is optional!

B: Emote - 28x28 pixel emotes designed for Twitch. I'll send you it scaled up to all three sizes that Twitch asks for.

C: 32x32 2-bit - "2-Bit" in this case refers to the amount of colours. 4 colours per sprite, includes a 32-frame animation.

D: 32x32 - I use up to 32 colours for these, so more elaborate subjects can be portrayed. 32 frames!

E: - No!